We here at Rhome Funeral Home offer the option of pre-arrangement. Today, more people are also preparing themselves and their families for what they know will happen.

Arranging services in advance

Pre-arranging a funeral service establishes an individuals wishes ahead of time. This act can give your family the assurance that in a difficult time decisions are already made and less confusion will occur when limited time prevents thoughtful planning. We help you plan a funeral ahead of time for yourself or a family member. We will explain your options and most of all, you can make choices with freedom from the usual urgencies that are created when a death occurs.

Most people pre-arrange because they like to have their affairs in order, they have definite preference about their funeral service, they want their families to be informed, and they like the peace of mind of knowing there are adequate funds to cover funeral expenses

Pre-paying has become a popular choice.

Pre-paying the funeral is an important part of pre-arrangement - allowing you to pay for the services at current prices. This provides protection from inflation and assures adequate funds for future payment for the services.

At your home or ours …We will be pleased to provide attentive and informed answers to your questions about pre-arrangement as well as the options and advantages for pre-payment.

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